Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dialect Names for Local Birds

Below is a list of local dialect names from the "Concise Ulster Dictionary" (Macafee, 1996). 

Many are of Ulster Scots or Irish/Scottish Gaelic origin.

There are many more, but I've just picked out the ones which I see on my daily dog walk, here in the North Antrim countryside.

Blue Tit ~ Billy Blue-Bonnet, Tittymouse, Tam Titty Mouse
Carrion Crow ~ Black-Neb
Chaffinch ~ Apple-picker 
Cuckoo ~ Gowk
Dunnock ~ Blue Wran, Futtock, Grey Robin, Hedgeling, Shuffle Wing, Whin Sparrow
Fieldfare ~ Frost Bird
Goldfinch ~ Corney of the Cap
Great Tit ~ Black skull
Greenfinch ~ Green Linnet
Hen Harrier ~ Gled
Hooded Crow ~ Hoodie
House Sparrow ~ Spug
Jackdaw ~ Greyhead, Daw
Linnet ~ Lintie
Meadow Pipit ~ Cuckoo’s Maid, Mosscheeper, Tattle, Titling
Mistle Thrush ~ Butcher Bird, Cornageerie
Peregrine ~ Game Hawk, Goosehawk
Pied Wagtail ~ Willie wagtail, Devilin
Reed Bunting ~ Black Bonnet, Rush Sparrow
Robin ~ God's Bird
Rook ~ Croupy, Craa
Sedge Warbler ~ Wee Nightingale
Skylark ~ Laverock
Snipe ~ Blooterwheep, God’s Goat, Guttersnipe, Heather-bleat
Song Thrush ~ Mavis, Throstle
Sparrow Hawk ~ Blue hawk
Starling ~ Stucky
Stonechat ~ Corney of the Cravat
Swift ~ Black Martin
Wheatear ~ Stone twister
Willow Warbler ~ Sally Picker, Sally Wren
Woodpigeon ~ Croodlin doo
Wren ~ Chitty Wren, God’s Hen, Jinny wran

If you know of any others, please let me know.

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