Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cottage Crescent

When Rusty was a Pup.
This gate, on a bend in the road and guarded by Hawthorn and Alder, marks the start of Cottage Crescent.
A little further along, on the other side of the Crescent is a rather exposed Lover's Lane
It is the turning point if we only wish to walk three miles that day.
Looking up towards Corrymeela Retreat Centre from the Crescent.
This charming section, with the picturesque holiday cottage, is very popular with the dogs, as there are always Rabbit smells to be found around the cottage.
Looking back along the Crescent.
The day I took this photo, there were about 100 House Martins gathered on those Power lines, getting themselves gathered up for the impending long trip to Africa.
My favourite Birds on the Crescent are:
No. 1 The Reed Bunting
No. 2 The Sedge Warbler
No. 3 The Wren

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