Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sheep Walk

Sheep Walk is the most exposed section and has fields of Sheep on both sides, with Sheep Pens at the start.
These Sheep have just been to the Barber!
I call this spot New York, because I sit on that large stone each day and share an Apple with the Dogs, so it became known as the Big Apple Stone.
The Big Apple.
The view looking S.W. from the Big Apple.
The view looking North towards Knocklayd, from the Big Apple.
A little further along, this is the track the Shepherd, his Quad and his two Border Collie Dogs take, to the top of the hill, to check on his Hill Sheep. 
A small herd of small Ponies.
Half way, looking back towards the Pony Field.
At the far end of Sheep Walk, looking back past the Sheep Pens on the right.
On Sheep Walk my favourite birds are:
No. 1 The Skylark
No. 2 The Stonechat
Plus an occasional sighting of a Hen Harrier 
and a very rare sighting of a Merlin.

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