Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The High Road

Starting at Wheatear Bend, this last section of the walk runs back along the hillside due West, at around 240 metres, with hillside on the right, fields on the left and wonderful views out across North Antrim.

The High Road.
The Vanishing Stream! Now you see it!
Now you don't! 
It's like a ghost ..... you can still hear it!
The ruin of Tullaghore Croft.
Close up of Tullaghore Croft.
Looking back, from Tullaghore Lane.
The ruin of Gortmillish Croft.
The end of the Road.
The ruin of Knockan's Croft.
Mountain Fungi 1
Mountain Fungi 2
Mountain Fungi 3
Mountain Fungi 4
Mountain Fungi 5
Mountain Fungi 6
Mountain Fungi 7
Mountain Fungi 8
Every Dog has his Day, but this one looks like it's past its sell by date!
Big Fat Juicy Fox Moth Caterpillar 1
Big Fat Juicy Fox Moth Caterpillar 2
A fine view out over North Antrim at the end of the road. 
My favourite Birds on the High Road are:
No. 1 The Wheatear
No. 2 The Raven
No. 3 - The occasional sighting of a Peregrine Falcon

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