Sunday, October 4, 2009

Badger's Brae

This is an interesting stretch of the road for seeing Birds and animals. Evidence of Foxes, a Badger once tried to set up home by the side of the road, but was unfortunately killed by a car. There are also a few Rabbits about this area, which no doubt attract the Foxes here, in the first place.
What a Silly Billy! 
This young Goat, which was bred on the farm this year, is constantly getting his head stuck in the fence.

The Berry Ruin on Badger's Brae!
Just beyond the ruin, next to the burn is this Crack Willow. 
In the past the thin twigs of willow were used to weave baskets or 'cribs' for animal food.

Interesting to see how the bridge tunnel doesn't actually run at right angles to the road, as you might imagine, but follows the natural line of the stream instead.

This wee burn runs through the Fox Coverts, across the Rabbit Field & under Badger's Brae and on past the old Berry Ruin.
Badger's Bridge with the Berry Ruin in the background.

A small flock of sheep being driven up Badger's Brae to the hill.
This wild Privet hedge runs up the side of the Brae.
Looking back down Badgers Brae, from Badger's Bend towards Hunter's Halt, with North Antrim stretched out beyond.
At Badger's Bend looking up past Buzzard's Belt towards Knocklayd.
The same view on a misty evening!
Birds seen, while on Badger's Brae, include these favourites:
No 1 - The Fieldfare
It is always a joy to see these delightful Thrushes coming back to the hill each Winter, all the way from Scandinavia.
No 2 The Cuckoo
No 3 The Kestrel

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  1. Dick you are definately a man at peace with nature. I enjoy your blog may you continue to treat us with your photos and notes.