Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Garden

We live on the slopes of this North Antrim hill Knocklayd (1,695 feet).
"The hill is surrounded by standing-stones and other monuments, suggesting that it was a holy mountain."
This is a view of my Dog walking countryside, from Breen Forest, on the other side of the glen.
This Blog is a collection of photos I've taken. 
They outline the route I take, on my daily walk with my dogs.
Bertha R.I.P.
and Rusty.
 Hopefully it will demonstrate just how interesting & pleasurable this daily activity can be.
Most of the photos I have taken myself, but without any fancy camera gear, I am unable to take good photos of Birds, so those I have borrowed.
By the way, the place & road names in this album are just my own nicknames.
N.B. You should be able to enlarge most of the photos, by clicking on them.
This is Blue, our horse, leaning over the garden fence.
We usually give him an apple before we head off up the hill.
This is the sheltered side garden, where I have my Bird Table & we always make sure there is food & water for the birds, before we set off.
This snap of a Coal Tit on a Nut Feeder is, I'm afraid, the best I can do with my simple Camera. 
This is the start of our daily walk, looking up Alder Road with my garden on the right.
... it looks rather inviting, don't you think?
.... and then there were THREE!
Sadly, our old faithful dog Bertha passed over in Oct. 2010.
To keep Rusty company, we now have two Terriers pups.
Top Right is Wee Dot, a Jack Russell / Cairn cross.
The other little fellow is a Jack Russell / Scottie cross.
Birds seen in my garden, include these favourites:
No 1 - The COAL TIT
No 1 - The GREAT TIT
No 1 - The ROBIN

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  1. wonderfull fotos, greeting from Belgium, have a nice spring