Sunday, October 4, 2009

Alder Road

In this field, by the side of Alder Road, you can see this Fairy Tree by the ancient Souterrain.
This Ram might make the perfect mascot for the Orangemen on the 12th.
Isn't it surprising, just how charming something as simple as a field gate, can be. 
Doesn't this one make you want to lean on it, to see what's going on in that field?
I call this old Ash Tree 'Lucky'
It was the favourite nesting spot for Starlings for many years and it also used to be the tallest tree at this end of the walk, until most of it was smashed over, during a huge storm about 4 years ago. Since then it has started to grow sideways, out to the right, and recently some farm machinery smashed a few more branches from it's side.
Behind the Ash is the Alder Tree Hedge.
An unusual white faced black sheep.
Notice the sheep to the right, behind it, which has ..... NO EARS!
Rusty saying hello to our neighbours young Pony.
Our neighbours young pony.
Her Mum is looking on, from the Souterrain.
I call this tall Ash Tree, just up the road, 'The Young Pretender'.
This is the bend at the top of Alder Road, and the track off to the left, which I call Hunter's Halt, leads towards the mass of Gorse Bushes you can see in the distance, which I call Fox Coverts. 

This is where the hunters park, when they go Fox shooting.
This is what they leave behind them .. dumped in the ditch!
Birds seen, while on Alder Road, include these favourites:
No 1 - The Siskin
No 2 - The Goldfinch
No 3 - The Redwing

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