Friday, October 16, 2009

Farm Lane

This is the start of our daily walk, looking up Alder Road with my garden on the right.
... it looks rather inviting, don't you think?
Looking back towards the start, with Farm Lane going off to the left.
Just past the Bungalows, this is the start of Farm Lane.
It gives me a short option for a dog walk, if I don't have much time.
Looking back the the Wee Farm.
This mansion replaced a tiny wee one up, one down cottage.
I guess that's what they call progress.
This is the narrow lane after the Mansion.
This is further on down the lane, looking back at the Sheep Sheds.
This is rather a tranquil scene with Sheep & a Pony in the field behind.
Looking back up from the end of the Lane.
Great views of the quiet countryside from the end of the lane.

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